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Carol Case Quotes
“We really try to be as detailed as possible with every character.”
2017 – Calgary Herald: Here’s how Calgary costume designer Carol Case helped create Fargo’s quirky look



Carol Case Quotes
“When Noah and I first spoke, he said he wanted the mutants to look like a Sixties rock band, so The Kinks, The Who, etc. were a big inspiration.”
2017 – Pret-a-Reporter: The Most Stylish Male Characters on TV



Carol Case Quotes
“I am always excited when people notice that [the Legion costume design] is of no particular time.”
2017 – An Exclusive Interview with Legion Costume Designer Carol Case



Carol Case Quotes
“It was fun taking a retro silhouette and rebuilding it in a more modern fabric, or taking vintage pieces and styling them with modern ones.”
2017 – Racked: Legion’s Costume Designer on Mixing ’60s Vintage with Futuristic Flair



Carol Case Quotes
“The Vietnam War was just over and America was opening to that whole corporate world. So I think they were several years back in fashion.”
2015 – Calgary Herald: Fargo fashions: How 1979 wardrobe makes the man, and woman, in Alberta-shot dark comedy



Carol Case Quotes
“It’s actually the 1970s, as opposed to fashion 1970s. It adjusts your point of view to something more about real life, how people wore clothes in an era.”
2015 – The Guardian: Berets and crimplene: analysing the style of Fargo series 2



Carol Case Quotes
“It was a good collaboration between the two of us. I would send pictures back and forth, and we would talk about things that worked for both of us.”
2015 – Vogue: Fargo’s Costume Designer on Turning Kirsten Dunst Into a Small-Town ’70s Hairdresser



Carol Case Quotes
“I spent a lot of time looking at old catalogues and old family photographs because we wanted her to be the most fashion-forward of your cousins in that photograph.”
2015 – WhoWhatWear: Why Kirsten Dunst Could Be TV’s New Style Icon



Carol Case Quotes
“Fashion is available at a click nowadays, but it wasn’t possible for people to do that in the ‘70s. They had to make more of an effort.”
2015 – InStyle: Everything You Need to Know About Kirsten Dunst’s ’70s-Inspired Costumes on Fargo



Carol Case Quotes
“A lot of our break down is painted on, but it still takes a while for the clothes to get that wonderful patina from the mud bog days … I never think the clothes look right until we let the mud do its job as much as we can.”
2014 –  Hollywood Reporter: Is ‘Hell On Wheels’ the Filthiest Western Ever Made?



Carol Case Quotes
“The actors and I work together as a team. I certainly consider their thoughts and ideas about the characters because in the end, they are those characters.”
2014 – AMC: Hell on Wheels Q&A – Carol Case (Costume Designer)



Carol Case Quotes
“You want to keep as close to the historical aspect of it, but also give it a modern sensibility.”
2012 – Metro: Making Hell on Wheels look good



Carol Case Quotes
“The cultures are quite different, really. Colors, kinds of beading, and patterns are very specific to each tribe so we try to be as authentic as we can within our constraints.”
2012 – AMC: Q&A – Carol Case (Costume Designer)



Carol Case Quotes
“The whole process is collaborative. I set the look of each character with a lot of discussion between myself the producers , the director, the art department, and the actors.”
 – CBC: Carol Case Responds – Answers from the Costume Designer

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